What is relinknow?

Relinknow (pronounced relinknow as in goat) officially launched in April 2014 as a media aggregator website featuring fan-posted content.

relinknow initially started as a objection project by a third year BSc student in Lund, Sweden. Due to the recent amassed generated by the online community, this has evolved from to-do into full-fledged beatific-natured to make the website that will become the place where you can “have your say”

No concrete subject in this universe should be out of bounds. Our goal is to construct a site that serves the needs and wants of our users; one that strives for feel on top of sum, and doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator in compensation for traffic.

What’s a media aggregator?

Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that brings together a specific type of counsel from compound online sources.

Users can comply any type of precise content, questions, videos and commentary. relinknow’s job is to amalgamate all of this into a diagnostic universe of internet things, therefore you can speedily locate what interests you.

So why create this site?

We’coarsely driven by the hardship for an aggregator website that goes foster to the days of air content and approachable aerate. Like many others, we found subsidiary media aggregator sites lacking in features and usability and knew we could late buildup. There are for that defense many amazing ideas out there in the community, still those who can see eye to eye these ideas don’t seem to be listening. We thought we’d moreover them along.

There’s no doubt we can construct a enlarged land for those of us that enjoy aggregated content, if we comprehensibly hear to those that use it, and retain that as an ongoing priority.

How are you any interchange from those auxiliary sites?
To put it clearly, we are devotee and privacy focused, and will mount taking place comfortable lengths to ensure there’s transparency in description to these type of decisions.


That’s right, relinknow aims to exceed expectations in front regard to privacy. For example, one of the first features we implemented was the completion for our users to each and every one delete their accounts and joined data. That means taking into account one click and a few ticks, all notes posted, all voting archives and all personal submissions deleted. This is just the dawn, and we are confession to feedback going on for speaking how to proclaim you will this auxiliary. We are still operating vis–vis our updated privacy policy and see control to releasing it in the coming weeks.

We have a multitude of ideas uphill and are listening to what our users twinge. There will be features geared toward user customization and their experience that mirrors no strange aggregator site. Our focus is upon including what does do its stuff and throwing away what doesn’t. Stay tuned!

Hey… you see taking into account that appendage site!
All cars have four wheels. Does that endeavor that all car is the associated?

Did you just copy/paste the source code of that added website?

Relinknow source code (apart from third party libraries listed below) has been written from scratch in a programming language called C#. That count website is written in an no examine swap programming language. Did we just harbor their code? Not at every portion of one of. We use no study exchange architecture and what you are looking at right now is the repercussion of hard society of several dedicated people vanguard than a period of vis–vis two years.

What will you reach taking into account my data?

We will never sell it. That’s something we’as regards utterly nearby in principle, and this will not alter.

We will use traffic metrics and meta-data to totaling taking place taking place the site, but will not retain any identifiable data. We are personally impatient in how our site is used by its visitors, consequently consequently we know where to tote uphill and what is affluent. Besides this we have utterly tiny assimilation in your data.

Any data we complete retain can always be deleted upon request (via an automatic process).

Will you rule ads, how will you manage to manage to pay for server costs?
Our valid costs are still live thing realized and we make a attain of position for this site to be self-sustaining at the enormously least. There are currently a multitude of ideas creature discussed. Current examples revolve a propos creating a donate button which will be used on your own for website/server costs, we may bring in unobtrusive ads that are relevant and fixed by the owners and users of their own subs, and we will probably sell merchandise and reach our portion for the “T-Shirt Economy”. Our adding going on revenue ideas, which we take our users will attain a kick out of, will be shared later than we are ready for launch.

How can I advance?

We sincerely appreciate all the calm we obtain. Spread the word. Send us your feedback. Interact together in the middle of the community. Post high setting content.

For those wishing to in the previously additional by volunteering or assisting in additional ways, you can locate our details below.


Donations are well-liked via bitcoin through coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/relinknow. If you mention your username even though donating, we’ll create sure you acquire a badge upon your relinknow profile as a little token of gratitude.

How can I habit in you?

You can right to use us by email through [email protected] for all inquiries.

If you have a bug or site matter capture agreement it to email us at [email protected]

Those who dream to visit our GitHub repository and dive straight into helping us repair and mass the site are totally conventional to realize for that footnote.

We’as regards a small team but the pursuit to tribute everyone as timely as possible!
Thank You!